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We are the Plymouth area’s leading tree service provider, offering diverse tree care solutions to residential and commercial property owners. We say that we are the tree contractor that Plymouth homeowners trust and depend on for more than a decade and counting with great pride and honor. When an opportunity arises that you will require expert tree care, get in touch with our consultant— we are insured, licensed, and cost-efficient. 

About Your Hometown Tree Doctors

Mass Tree Service was established as a small local tree business ten years ago. Throughout the past decade, we have persistently grown into the successful business that we are today. We have always dedicated our time and energy to improving our knowledge and honing our skills to solidify our standing as the top-rated tree company in the area. Our team is comprised of certified arborists and professional tree doctors who are proud residents of the community. This means we get to create employment opportunities for many job seekers while we take care of your tree care concerns. Further, we firmly believe that we can help preserve the natural balance and ecosystem in the city by maintaining the beauty and safety of every tree on every property. For this reason, we keep up with the latest renewable practices to help decrease waste and carbon footprint. 

At all events, we never sacrifice the quality of our work. Our humble beginnings as a small tree removal company have helped us become the top-rated tree service contractor we are today. We offer our customers the most comprehensive tree care products ranging from tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, and storm cleanup services. One key to our constant progress is employing the right people for the job. We make sure to provide all of our workers with comprehensive training focused highly on safety and efficiency.

On top of that, our certified arborists have a minimum of three years of experience in the business before working with us. Finally, all employees are insured and licensed to carry out tree service on any property. Nothing is too involved or too simple to fulfill for our team. We are the jack-of-all-trades of tree care work, and we will be glad to offer you the service you need. 

Our Philosophy

More than a tree service contractor, we are a customer service provider. Mass Tree Service LLC believes that customer satisfaction comes first and that we should operate with their fulfillment in mind. We are ahead of our rivals because we do not compete with them but with our own standards. We always strive to outperform ourselves to provide top-tier tree service to Plymouth, MA, residents. We will return your call or email as soon as you reach out to us. You can expect our team to be on time on the scheduled day of our inspection to draft a free estimate. On the day of the tree care project, we will never delay the service and make sure to leave your property even better than we found it. 

Our Services

Tree Removal: Property owners of Plymouth, MA, have been outsourcing our assistance when it comes to tree removal for years. The sad truth is, not all homeowners realize this service’s importance and overlook the trees in their backyard. It is mainly the case if they don’t see any obvious signs of the tree’s deterioration. But, eliminating trees is not only necessary following a severe storm or when a tree shows apparent signs of decline. A tree may require removal even if it appears fine due to factors like obstruction of view, construction of a house, or safety reasons. It is why it is essential to conduct an assessment before proceeding with any tree removal task. Our certified arborists are trained to determine whether a tree remains an investment or has turned into a liability. We will walk you through the process and help you decide on the best next steps to take regarding the future of your tree. Rest assured that whatever the size, height, and type of tree you have, we can carefully take it down. We use only the best equipment to perform the task to guarantee its success. 

Tree Trimming: Trees can quickly yield to a lot of health and safety issues if not taken care of. One of the many reasons for a tree’s deterioration is overgrowth. Many homeowners fail to see the need for professional trimming because overgrown trees do not always present themselves as threatening. Plenty of problems can come out of overgrowth in trees, ranging from unsightly appearance, obstruction of view to a more serious safety concern. For this reason, we work meticulously to provide our customers with expert tree trimming services that their tree demand. Unfortunately, some tree contractors only care about finishing the job quickly, so they decide to remove the tree without thoroughly assessing its condition. At Mass Tree Service LLC, we begin the project by gauging the situation and looking for ways to salvage the tree instead of removing it. Using proper trimming techniques, we can recalibrate the health and appearance of your tree. We are glad to offer you the most extensive tree trimming service that Plymouth, MA, can offer. You don’t need to look for another tree business with an affordable service because we provide that plus the promise of a successful outcome.

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Stump Grinding: After removing a tree, the next task you need to accomplish is removing the remaining stump. It is why it is best to avail of our tree removal service in tandem with stump grinding. Removing the main tree is not exactly the end of the story, as you will find yourself having to deal with the stump left behind. Stumps may look like they do not intend harm, but they can become a nuisance and later on a problem if they do not get treated. You don’t need to constantly walk on tiptoes around a stump or get annoyed by its appearance. Mass Tree Service LLC can extract it and eliminate it for good. We use two equally effective approaches to deal with stumps. The first method is extracting it from the soil, together with its root ball. This approach may disturb other plantings in the area and typically costs more. The second method and the go-to service for many of our customers is stump grinding. It involves grinding the stump until it is at least six inches below the ground. Homeowners favor this approach more because it is subtler and does not leave a hole in the ground. You can count on our experts to walk you through the process and recommend the best approach for your particular requirement. 

Storm Damage Cleanup: It is common for residents of Plymouth, MA, to encounter severe storms in the area. We can all attest to the destruction that storms can bring, especially to the trees in our backyard. Even the most vigorous tree in town is no match to the power of nature. After a storm, you can find your landscape with all the scattered leaves and branches. But if you are unlucky, you may find an entire tree on your roof or garage. If left unattended, downed trees can cause a potential threat not only to your landscape but also to your family’s safety. Storms usually come with high winds that can easily make a giant tree bow to the ground. If your tree has suffered the wrath of Mother Nature, please don’t try to clean up on your own. Fallen trees can be hazardous, especially if someone inexperienced works on them. That is why if you have this dilemma, call your local tree company to gauge the extent of the damage. As soon as it is safe for everyone, we will come to your property and survey your yard. Our certified arborists will carefully diagnose any possible issues that may arise and initiate the cleanup process without delay. We recommend you call your local power supplier if your tree affected a utility line for everyone’s safety. 

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Other Services Available

While we focus on tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, and emergency tree service, we are also equipped to perform other types of landscape care for our customers. These services include the following: 

Brush Removal

Lot Clearing

Land Clearing

Wood Chipping

Aside from our goal to keep any unwanted trees from homeowner’s properties, we also want to help them with other preventative and restorative services. Whether it is planting, cultivating, or fertilizing, we can help you with that and more. We want to assist you in restoring the balance and appearance of your landscape by taking care of their welfare. We will turn your backyard from an unkempt to a well-maintained one. Allow our skilled tree doctors to assess the needs of your landscape and recommend the best approach to get the best lasting results. If you are looking to sell your property in the future, it is a smart move to invest in your trees because it is one of the things that prospective buyers consider when buying a house. Your home’s overall value will increase by a significant percentage if there are healthy and attractive trees in it. No matter what you require for the welfare and safety of your trees, we can provide it. Get in touch with the tree business residents of Plymouth, MA, trust and rely on. 

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We have a team of skilled and experienced tree specialists to attend to your needs and answer your inquiries. You can conveniently reach us by filling out the contact information form below this page. Rest assured that we will promptly answer back as soon as we see your inquiry. If you prefer to talk directly to one of our consultants, please give us a call during office hours. You can schedule an appointment to assess your trees’ situation and provide the proper treatment they require to live long and vigorously.

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