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Not everyone knows the importance of tree trimming for the health and aesthetics of their trees. Proper trimming can drastically improve the appearance of a tree and affect the curb appeal of the landscape. On the other hand, neglected trees are unsurprisingly unhealthy and unattractive. Also, trees that never get trimmed can pose a potential danger to your safety. Most trees will benefit from trimming every 2 to 6 years. Trimming enhances the structure as well as the health of a tree in a landscape. With trimming, dead or weak limbs are removed, eliminating the risk of them falling onto your roof. Further, you have to be aware that your insurance coverage can be denied when the insurance company finds out that your tree is touching any part of your house.

Anyone can learn the science involved in tree trimming, but the art aspect can only be acquired through years of doing tree service. Trimming should only be done by a professional because one wrong cut can cause irreversible damage to the health of the tree. There are unique ways to trim a trim depending on its species. Anyone unaware of this may trim the tree just the same, which can result from declining in health. At Quincy Tree Care, we are knowledgeable in every aspect of tree trimming, and we have practically trimmed all types of trees in the area, so you can be confident that we know the right technique to trim your tree.

If you want your tree to thrive for long, give it some TLC by letting us regularly trim it. You will be surprised to see how significant the impact of tree trimming is to your trees. We can help you improve the appearance and health of your trees with just a call.

Tree Trimming: Part Art and Science

When trimming trees, we make sure to adhere to the strict standards set by the Arbor Day Foundation. We follow a systematic approach when trimming and pruning trees to ensure we get the job done right. We will never over trim your trees because we know that it can affect the health of your trees. We will use our skills to trim your trees correctly.

We will begin tree trimming with an inspection of the tree to be trimmed. We will assess every detail including the type of equipment we need to use to complete the job. We will discuss with you the method that we will use too trim your trees and offer you a verbal estimate. We can follow-up with a written estimate sent via email detailing the scope of the job and the cost of the service. We usually have one lead trimmer and one to two ground crews to take care of the branches and debris. We will reduce the size of the limbs ideal for firewood or other purposes. When we are done with trimming, we will make sure that the site is cleared from any debris.  We will not leave any trace of dirt in your property and make it look as if we were never there.

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