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Tree removal is one of our most popular services offered. Among our services, this is also the most demanding and challenging task we do. Tree removal is not rocket science, but it does need proper planning and the right skills for it to be done safely and accurately. Quincy Tree Care has been in the business of removing trees for many years now, and we can say that we have seen every type of tree and we have gained the knowledge and the right techniques in removing even the largest trees.

The process of tree removal begins with us visiting your property to do an inspection of the tree to be taken down. We will assess the type of equipment we need to use to remove the tree and consider all the risks involved. We will then offer you a verbal quote followed by a written one sent through email. The quote outlines the service, the equipment, as well as the cost of the job to be performed. We will also hand you a copy of our licensing and insurance documentation. From there, we can set a date when we can perform tree removal. We can usually perform tree removal as soon as you need us to.

How to Remove a Tree

One of our staff members will get in touch with you the morning of the scheduled tree removal to confirm our arrival. We typically give our clients with a two-hour window time for our arrival to ensure that our previous client is 100% satisfied with our service.

Our foreman will assign specific tasks to every member of the team. Our crew usually consists of a ground crew, clean-up, chipper, and first cutter. We follow a systematic method of removing a tree. We will cut the tree limb by limb beginning with the crown working our way down. We will lower each branch carefully down where our ground crew will further reduce its size. We cut every branch into 3-foot size, which is ideal for firewood. We will go on with the process until we are only left with the main trunk, which is usually about 10 to 15-feet in length. The process of tree removal ends with us cutting the main trunk down to a size that is suited for grinding.

Throughout the process, our ground crew will make sure the site is cleared from limbs and other tree debris. When the tree has been cut down, you can choose to grind the stump or have it totally removed. If you choose to have it ground, we will reduce its size until it can no longer be visible. With the use of our Vermeer stump grinder, we can finish the stump grinding process before the sun sets. We can haul the chips and wood anywhere in your property, or we can stack it in a location of your choice. We will rake smaller branches and other tree debris to make sure we will leave your property in good condition.

When you have a tree that needs to be eliminated, make sure to contact us so we can assist you. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.  Also call us for tree trimming service when you trees are just overgrown but do not need removed.  

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