A place of great historical relevance to the United States — Quincy, Massachusetts has a lot to offer, whether culturally or socially. The hometown of presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams will make sure that there is no dull moment for locals and vacationers alike.

U.S. Naval Shipbuilding Museum

Learn about some of the country’s most valuable ships in your trip to the U.S. Naval Shipbuilding Museum. The museum aims to preserve the nation’s rich history for the present generation and future ones. You can learn about SEALs, cruise sailors, and a lot more as you discover the museum. You can even stay for the night at the USS Salem and join their overnight adventure program. Don’t sleep on the opportunity to see the world’s only preserved Heavy Cruiser, the USS Salem.

Spectacle Island Sea Glass Beaches

You can find a vast collection of broken dishware, trinkets, and even toys in the Spectacle Island Sea Glass Beaches. But that is not all there is. There are smoothed colored porcelain pieces, colored glass, and teacups along the beaches of Spectacle Island. The place was originally a resort destination in the 1840s and also a landfill. Spectacle Island entices sea glass collectors a wonderful experience as one of the beaches is filled with pottery and sea glass from the past—some as old as 100 years!

Adams National Historical Park

The “Peace Field,” which was built after John Adam’s term as president, and John Adam’s childhood home make up the Adams National Historic Park. The park is more than just a museum with exhibits from the past. They interpret John Adam’s mental battle that catapulted him to great things. Tourists can see the standing desk where Adams created his defense of the British soldiers after the Boston Massacre.

Granite Railway Incline

The Granite Railway was established in the 1820s to transport granite to the Neponset River from Quincy town. In 1826, it got its charter and became a standard carrier railroad later on. With its outstanding contribution to the town and even the entire nation, some regard it as the first U.S commercial railroad. In 1830, a steep portion was annexed to the railway, which is named the Incline. It allows trains to haul heavy granite to the main tracks.

First Dunkin’ Donuts

William Rosenburg thought that he and his colleagues had not so many options to have lunch in town. He started “Industrial Luncheon Services” with a total of $2500 in his pocket to cater to workers’ need for satisfying lunch. He sold coffee, sandwiches, and donuts from a truck. He realized that half of the sales came from doughnuts and coffee and decided to focus on this menu. He then established the instant-hit “Open Kettle,” which exclusively offered coffee and doughnuts. Rosenburg noticed that the patrons dunked their donuts in the coffee, hence the name Dunkin’ Donuts.

Marina Bay

Marina Bay is a developed neighborhood of entertainment establishments, commercial and condominium buildings. Don’t miss the chance to visit this beautiful neighborhood and have an afternoon or evening stroll with the breath-taking views at Marina Bay. You can go on a picnic, walk, or just have fun outdoors at Marina Bay.