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We can get rid of those unwanted tree stumps in your yard using two methods. We can use one of our backhoes and dig up the stump with the entire root system. The other method is to grind the stump with one of our premier stump grinders. We will grind the stump until it is 3 to 6 inches below the surface of the ground. In most cases, only commercial developments request for complete stump removal because of the damage it can cause to the surrounding area. Moreover, stump removal can be a bit pricey compared to stump grinding because of the equipment needed and labor involved.

In stump grinding, we utilize one of our Vermeer stump grinders and grind the stump until it is no longer seen from the level ground. We can also enable grass to grow from the ground above it.

Not all tree stumps are the same. Some stumps are easier to grind while others require more effort. A tree stumps age, size, and species determine the level of difficulty when it comes to grinding it. A new hardwood stump such as Walnuts and Maples are generally more difficult to grind. On the other hand, older conifers don’t take too much effort to grind. Also, more recent stumps take much time to grind than the older ones. Whatever the size and age of the tree stump are, we can eliminate it in no time. We are equipped and skilled in this area, and we can complete the job seamlessly.

Our Stump Grinding Process

Quincy Tree Care follows a systematic process of stump grinding. When you call us to grind a stump, we use the following steps and techniques:

  • We clear the work site of any rock, stones, and other debris using shovel and rake. We do this to prepare the site for stump grinding and ensure safety once we begin the process.
  • We will reduce the stump to a height that is suitable for grinding. We will use a power chainsaw to do this and continue until we have achieved the desired height for the stump.
  • We will let the grinder to swing from side to side over the stump until it is 8 to 9 inches beneath the ground.
  • We will end the process by making sure the area is completely cleared of debris and wood chips. We can turn this debris into compost or mulch. Upon request, we can also replant the location with other landscape plantings or grass seed.

    It usually takes us between one to two hours to grind the stump, depending on the nature of the stump, including its size, species, and age. Stump grinding is a rather messy job, but you can expect us to go the extra mile to ensure your property is free from wood chips and debris before we leave. If you have multiple stumps in your yard from tree removals, we can give you a discount on the service so you can work on your budget.

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